What’s a pretty makeup style for blue eyes & black hair?

Question by Mimi: What’s a pretty makeup style for blue eyes & black hair?
I have black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Not too pale, but it looks healthy and compliments me lol.
People say I look like Katy Perry.
Any pretty eyeshadow looks? Or any makeup tips :) Even hair styles


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Answer by HunniBunni
Blue eyes look stunning with brown..especially shimmery brown..

Go by your undertone too for highlight…
like if youre more gold then go for golden warm colors..if your skin color is more cooler..go for silvers and pinks

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  • i think keeping it simple is the way to go. a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the top lid and some red lipstick would be pretty, or maybe some light brown shadow, but its important not to wear too much make up because you dont want to look washed out.

  • ooohh black hair and blue eyes how stunning! a bronzy brown eyeshadow is brilliant for you :)
    its a nice natural everyday colour and it is absolutely great with blue eyes.
    have your hair long and wavy or straight with a middle part!
    or maybe even shaggy bangs would look so sexy cute! but bangs are hard to work with..

  • I feel with pale eyes, pale skin, and dark hair, any look will go well. Megan Fox, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel are your best bets when it comes to seeing what makeup looks best on you. Megan Fox has foxy eyes, and Katy Perry has round dollish eyes. Whichever eyes fit you best, just try their makeup looks.

    Hair – Straight is always nice, but soft waves are gorgeous too.
    Makeup – Smokey eyes bring out your blue eyes because of the strong light/dark contrast. http://www.cityoffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/megan-fox.jpeg
    Neutral light makeup with long thick lashes (mascara/falsies) on eyes bring out your natural beauty, making everyone think you’re just naturally beautiful because it looks as though you don’t have a lot of makeup on.
    And the same looks can be applied to katy perry. However her makeup goes heavier on the lashes and eyeliner because she has bigger rounder eyes. Her double eyelids are also bigger, so she can draw her eyeliner thicker and wear longer thicker falsies too.

  • devils child 3625

    U should try a red lip. It would look amazing! Go for a blue toned red like Mac ruby woo. U could also try inglot #103, its a tomato red and is gorgeous or for a more natural look, u cud put on some natural looking pink blush and a nice pinkish red lip stain. I recommend the body shop lip and cheek stain. If ur goin out for a party or something, do try the red lip or do a really intense Smokey eye and try to incorporate black into it. The black eye makeup will make ur blue eyes pop!


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