What are some pretty hairstyles for short hair?

What are some pretty hairstyles for short hair?

Question by Just Another Weirdo: What are some pretty hairstyles for short hair?
I’m cutting and donating my hair in a couple of days, and I’m getting a new hairstyle while I’m at it. Any suggestions for short, pretty hairstyles? My hair is going to be cut above my shoulders. It’s naturally straight, fairly thin, dark brown/black if that bit helps. Pictures would be great too :)

Thank you in advance :)

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Answer by Chloe
Try a cute bob cut:) if you’re bangs are long enough, then try side bangs or straight bangs across your forehead:)
Here’s a picture with side bangs
Or you could try an even length shoulder cut, with a perm or straight hair:)
Here’s the picture:
If you don’t like these suggestions, go to your hairstylist to ask for ideas:) Think about your face shape and see what compliments it. Or use a hair style magazine and pick a style you really like. It should be natural.
Hope I helped <3

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