Could anyone give me advice for eighth grade?

Question by Lesley: Could anyone give me advice for eighth grade?
I love school shopping is that weird? I like getting new clothes! I’m also starting eighth grade. Any tips how to act or dress I want a NEW STYLE! I can’t CUT MY HAIR . Last year I was the new girl which was really hard for me but Now I got really good and I fit in. I want a new style. Also Any Advice?

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Answer by Jenn
Always be yourself! Don’t let anyone tell you how to act or to dress. You want people to like you for you, not for someone you’re not. Stay positive and focus on your grades! You’ll have a blast.

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  • You don’t need to fit in just be you. Eight grade sucks its mostly because of the people. Remember there will always be those snotty people that give everyone drama. Its best you stay away from people like that (unless you like giving people drama). I suggest you don’t make to many “best friends”. you can make friends just don’t trust them to much (because hey will disappoint). Not trying to scare you but those are the common happenings in Jr. High other than that its fun! I loved it because I hung out with people that didn’t give me drama. So have fun and don’t pay attention to what people say(the students, always pay attention to your teachers). Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • I just got out of 8th grade, its the best year to find yourself and prepare for high school, I’m not sure what your current style is but if you are more casual try to find a cute dress, there are a lot of white lace ones that I just got at the mall and they are adorable! Don’t try to be TO dressed up because it is still school, but maybe try a large purse instead of a back pack to carry your school supplies in. If you normally have your hair curly, straighten it, if its normally straight curl it! if your hair is long try to look up cute braids you can do, however if it is short try to straighten it and maybe tease it a little. I recommend looking at YouTube videos and finding things out. If you wear make up try black clumpy eye lashes and black or brown liner on your water line. its what I always did! Good luck in 8th grade sweetie! Be yourself, just try new things!

  • I just graduated from eighth grade, and it’s AMAZING! Keep up with 2013-2014 trends. High-waisted shorts and pants, printed leggings, baggy knit sweaters, beanies, vintage looking or combat boots, long layered necklaces, etc. are all in style! Deep reds and purples are the trending colors for Fall 2013! Also, don’t stray from the basics: Skinny jeans, fitted t-shirts, scarves, converse/vans/keds, boots and all that stuff.

    Experiment with new makeup! I suggest BB cream, translucent powder, winged eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, mascara, light and natural lip colors, and a light pink blush will make you look polished and awake :) Don’t go crazy with it though! Always experiment with makeup until you perfect your personal look. And always apply makeup appropriate to your age! You should probably check out some youtube videos, they’re always helpful!

    Good luck in eighth grade! It was a great year for me! My advice: work hard, don’t procrastinate, and enjoy it!

  • Oh dear! I have just graduated 8th grade (Freshman starting next week).
    I have a lot to tell you, girl. First of all… 8th grade- IT’S EITHER GONNA BE THE. BEST. YEAR. EVER. or the worst. The second option is only a 1% chance. I made many mistakes in 8th grade, but that’s the part of being human. Anywho~

    ~ Be yourself. BE YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF, BE YOURSELF!!! People say 8th Grade changes you. That happened with me, but I’m happy for who I am now. At first I thought: “No way, not possible. I’m never gonna change.” But I did. It’s natural and perfectly okay. Just don’t become conceited, etc.

    ~ Stay out of drama, you don’t want any trouble for your last year.

    ~Field Trips: It’s gonna be THE BEST. If you have any. Make them last. Cherish them to DEATH.

    ~8th grade dance… if you have one, then… You shall and must make it the best night of your life.

    Well. That’s kind of it. Remember to be yourself and have a fun time. You’re on top of the world.
    You should totally contact me. I could talk to you about my 8th grade experience. c:


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