What are some pretty hairstyles for school?

What are some pretty hairstyles for school?

Question by : What are some pretty hairstyles for school?
I have longer than shoulder length hair. Brown. Basically straight but a little bit wavy.
I’ll have it down most of the time but maybe up sometimes.

What are some pretty, simple hairstyles that dont take more than 10 minutes?
*Please include some sort of insruction

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Answer by pat
check youtube

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  • Well for one try using Mane N’ Tail Horse Shampoo. I use it all the
    time and it makes your hair grow faster. I;d say massage it into
    your scalp b/c thats going to help the roots if you just put it on
    the ends, it not going to do anything to it. You can find it at
    walmart in the pet section. also you should drink plenty of water
    to condition your hair and when shampooing and conditioning you should
    use cold or luke warm water on your hair so it won’t damage it.
    Even hot water hurts your hair.

    Btw if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out without heat try these:
    Subscribe and comment if you like the styles

  • For school I guess it has to be not too outrageous, so why dont you do a “half updo”. Hair accessories are very fashionable this year, you could get any pretty hair clip and then simply scrape back the front lengths of hair to the back, hold them in place with a clip and then have some wispy strands left out at the front as well.


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