Church Shaped Like High Heel Shoe ​Prays It Will Attract Female Congregants

Oh my God, shoes. The city of Chiayi, Taiwan has built a new church that is shaped exactly like a high-heel shoe, reports. The church was built explicitly to attract more female churchgoers and although it won’t officially open its doors until February — for the Lunar New Year — is already officially the most patronizing church in existence.

Designers of the church hope that its footwear shape will be a hit with tourists and worshippers alike. Inside the 55-foot tall, 36-foot wide glass slipper, attendees will find “100 female-oriented” details. This includes chairs for “lovers,” maple leaves, biscuits, and cakes that church designers hope encourage women to take photographs with their partners, a spokesperson for the region tells the Daily Mail.

What religion would build a stiletto-shaped chapel? Daily Mail doesn’t clear that up, writing “it is unclear what type of church it is.” Curbed has a pretty good guess, though, unofficially christening it, “The Church of Our Blessed Misogyny.”

The shoe-shaped church is made out of 320 pieces of blue-tinted glass. Tourists are apparently already flocking to the glass structure.

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