What color eyeshadows are good for college classes?

Question by Preeya: What color eyeshadows are good for college classes?
i don’t wana go without makeup
but i don’t wana look too fake
i want wearable and not too dramatic eyeshadow that will look pretty
eyeshadow color ideas for classes in college?

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Answer by AutumnWinter
I design the makeup palletes for dancers and performers. When a natural look is needed, I follow these basic combinations. Use natural brown or bronze colour palettes. Avoid blue. If you have hazel eyes, you can use navy eyeliner; it looks very pretty. Brown eyes look very nice with a bit of purple eye shadow for some flair. If your eyes have green tones, you can enhance them with green eyeshadow (dark, olive, mint). Smoky eyeshadow is best if you use black and a shimmery silver-grey. Look on YouTube for application ideas.

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  • Try a tinted moisturizer and sheer colors of eyeshadow or even just an eyeliner that suit your eye color. A soft blush and a nude, pink or peachy lip will leave you looking pretty without looking done up.

    Brown eyes – almost all colors will suit but try a purple or a soft blue

    Blue Eyes – try a copper or a peach color

    Green Eyes – purple is your best friend but for natural stay towards the soft shades and away from the jewel tones, try a plum eyeliner smudged along your lashes

    Hope this helps


  • Stick to neutral colors for daytime. Like light brown,tan, and grey. Covergirl has some good ones, and urban decay. Add little mascara and some black or brown eyeliner if you want to also and you are set.

  • people prefer the natural makeup look when it comes to school but I say “wear whatever color you want” I am not saying you should go for rainbow colored eyes but sticking to neutrals is better. if you want color you can use the dark version of that color. like dark blue, dark purple, etc

  • it doesn’t really matter what makeup you wear to college, cuz really no one cares there. same goes with clothing.


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