What is a good mascara for people very allergic to mascaras?

Question by stworek: What is a good mascara for people very allergic to mascaras?
My mom wants that for christmas and she said that she’s especially allergic to those hypoallergic mascaras which is pretty ironic. I don’t like wearing mascara either because it’s a bit irritating, but I want to wear it. any advice

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Answer by ilovemusic♥
Considering your extremley allergic to mascaras. There probably isn’t one. =p
Sorry. !

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  • Go for the brand “Physicians Formula”. It’s great for people with sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers (I wear contacts!)! Their “Organic Wear Jumbo Lash” mascara is my all-time Holy Grail favorite mascara. I can’t recommend it enough. :)
    Almay is also great for sensitive eyes, but their mascaras (at least on me) tend to flake a bit, and although it’s safe, the flakes can irritate. >:/
    I get the best results from PF’s mascara anyways and I reach for it every day. It stays soft and pliable on the lashes, not hard/stiff or crunchy. It’s sooo incredibly volumizing, and when I wear it, my eyelashes touch my eyebrow (when looking up). Here’s a pic – you can’t miss it!
    Isn’t the tube soooo adorable and pretty?? SHINY GREEN! =o

    Clinique’s also a great brand, but I find their Lash Doubling mascara smell to be a bit odd 😮 If you would like to try a Clinique product though, sample their mascara at a Sephora store or Clinique counter and see what it does for your lashes and how you react to it.

    And although it gives good results, it’s more expensive and I’d choose PF’s mascara over it any day. xD

    I hope you find your perfect mascara, good luck!!!!<3

  • MAYBELLINE Lash Stylist Comb Waterproof Mascara is the best Mascara Maybelline could ever ever had and I definitely recommend this product to all the ladies looking for it.


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