Reminder: Ariana Grande Is Still a Dorky Theater Kid

Do not let the donut-licking and “Christmas and chilling” that she’s become associated with in recent months fool you: Ariana Grande, tiny ponytailed pop star, was and remains to this day a dorky theater kid.

During a concert at Hollywood restaurant Catalina Bar & Grill last night, Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown announced that there’d be a special guest performing. Moments later, who but Ariana Grande appeared onstage, reminding the world she’d made her debut in Jason Robert Brown’s Broadway musical, 13.

For the rest of her 13-minute performance, she belted three songs in perfect musical theater voice, sing-song dialogue breaks and all. Even her outfit echoes the costume of the high school theater nerd: oversize sweater, hipster glasses, and skinny jeans. Watch her performance below.

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