Demi Lovato Is All About Self-Care

Demi Lovato is fresh off a kick promoting her new record Confident, and performing on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York City. In an interview in the latest issue of People, she went into detail about body issues and what makes her feel confident. Let’s see what she can learn from her, eh?

She hopped on a great trend taking the internet by storm: self care. “The key for me is self-care. I love myself the most when I’m taking care of myself.” Get those masks out people.

Wear crazy outfits: “I actually get excited when I get to wear a really cool, sexy outfit onstage.” If only access to couturiers were a common thing.

Love yourself, people: “I feel like beauty comes from within, and exudes out and the love that you have for yourself and the confidence that you have is what attracts other people to you.”

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