What’s a good makeup look to compliment a little black dress?

Question by Novel_Girl: What’s a good makeup look to compliment a little black dress?
Looking to wear my LBD this Christmas, need tips on how I should wear my makeup because I’m a little pale, have dark hair and light green eyes so I don’t want the dress to wash me out. I want to stun a certain fella 😉

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Answer by Melissa J
get a low toned bronzer with some light shade of pink blush

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  • Okay–you need Drive by Heavenly Boutique!! This is a super shimmery grey color that will make green eyes POP!! Their Smolder Indelible Eye liner pencil in a thick line, then smudged with the built in spongetip will create a drop dead gorgeous smokey eye, and top it off with their Long and Luscious mascara for dramatic eyes that will have him eating out of the palm of your hand!!!!! Try the Initiative blush color for beautiful cheeks and finish with a bit of Daring lip color–it is GORGEOUS with the LBD!!!!!! Good Luck !! 😉

  • very cute features! try a gold eyeshadow with a little shimmery peach blush- and lots of mascara!
    depending on whether you wear eyelinder or not- since it’s a special occasion liquid eyeliner at the top is goregous! if not, line your top lid with smoky black eyeline and your lashline. gorgeous.
    i personally like simple lips, you could either play up your lips or your eyes.
    if you want to play up your lips, wear a bold color (whichever looks good on you) and just wear a little eyshadow and mascara to go with it- no eyeliner.
    i’m sure you’ll look beautiful

  • For your eye color, I would suggest a smokey eye made up of black eyeliner with some black shadow applied with and angle brush, blended into a very bronze brown and golden touch at the top by your brows. Black will bring out the green eyes. Give yourself a nice bronzer, and do the nude lips with a touch of clear lipgloss over it. [ because remember you are emphasizing your eyes so keep your lips subtle] also remember to use really good mascara to extend those lashes and cause an impression. Its classy, sexy and not too obvious.

  • smokey eyes! itll bring out your green eyes(your so lucky to have green eyes might i add…) and nude colored lips or peachy colored ones. one that compliments you either way. just dont go with bright lips if your going to have smokey eyes. and you should do your hair all kinky and boofy :) i love that look!


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