Shapewear to look sexy without weightloss

Shapewear to look sexy without weightloss

Love wearing those figure-hugging dresses and tops but not too confident about your body? You can opt for shapewear – a piece of clothing that snugly fits your body and enhances your contours, giving your bust a slight lift and also shaping up your buttocks, hiding the flab and giving you an hourglass-like figure. It needs to be worn under the dress or top you plan to wear.

You don’t always have to opt for surgery or tucks to look your best in that sexy dress. It is a boon for women who aren’t too comfortable with the shape of their body but still want to wear the latest trends in fashion. It gives your body an overall lift-up and slimming down, with many promising to bring you two dress sizes down. Even if you aren’t on the heavier side but wish to accentuate your assets, you can try this garment as it comes in all sizes.

Maidenform is a well-known brand with vast appeal. What’s the biggest misconception that women face when looking for the perfect bra?

There are quite a few but one of the biggest misconceptions is women tend to think that the bra straps and/or cups do most of the heavy lifting. In fact the bra band holds most of the weight of the bust and should fit snugly around your rib cage and the center gore should lay flat against your breast bone.

Believe it or not, 8 out of 10 women are still wearing the wrong bra size! If you answer yes to any of the below questions…get a professional fitting or there are easy way to fit yourself at home. One thing though, bra sizes vary by manufacturer sometimes so it is always best to try on your bra before purchasing. Once you find your brand and fit then stock up! Flesh tones flatter lighter clothing – not white. The closer to your skin tone your bra is, the better your white shirt will look!

Somethings to consider: Do your bra straps dig into or slip off your shoulders? *Does the underwire poke into your breast tissue? * Does the bra span the breasts and not fit close to the chest wall? * Does the bra ride up in the back? * Do your breasts sag under your clothing? *Do you feel like taking off your bra before the day is over? *Do the buttons on your blouse gap at the bust line? *Have you recently gained or lost more than 10 lbs.? *Does your breast tissue not stay contained in the bra cups?

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