How do you mix nailpolish colors?

How do you mix nailpolish colors?

Question by Gigi82: How do you mix nailpolish colors?
In TV Guide, it said that if you mix Essie’s Marshmallow and Ballet Slippers nailpolish colors, you get the perfect shade of pink. Stupid question but, how do you do that?

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Answer by el.tuco
stir em with a spoon

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  • sounds too messy to do unless both bottles are half full. Mixing means just that…turning one bottle upside down and letting it pour into the other bottle, then shaking it.
    Sounds like a gymic just to sell 2 bottles of expensive polishes (maybe both owned by the same company or contractors with each other). “Perfect pink” is in the eye of the beholder. Go to the pharmacy and choose your own color pink.

  • you’d probably just be wasting nail polish and when you think about it also money. Each bottle of nail polish depending what kind of nail polish you get can either be really cheap or sometimes kind of expensive. You might just be better off going out and just buying some pink nail polish

  • on a paper plate (not the paper-y ones, the kind that is wax-y) put some of 1 polish and then the other, and mix it with the brush.


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