NYFW Spring 2015: Finally: Watch Marc Jacobs, Live!

Marc Jacobs‘ runway show is always highly anticipated, only partially because it marks the end of New York Fashion Week and the start of a two-week nap. It’s also one of those shows that everyone in the industry can’t wait to watch because Jacobs takes whatever you expect to happen, flips it on its head, pairs it with some equally unexpected hair or shoes or bags or makeup, and sends it out into the world to be slowly and carefully unpacked. The sets are larger than life; the soundtracks are esoteric; the influences are myriad.

Last season, the music was actually actress Jessica Lange speaking the words to a song from 1929 titled, “Happy Days are Here Again.” The season before, Jacobs dressed models for spring/summer in Victorian high-necked black lace blouses and had them pick their way through what looked like a beach after the apocalypse. You really never know what you’re going to get.

So settle in, and get ready for some good old fashion weirdness. It’s going to be fun.

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