What makeup is acceptable to wear to school?

Question by Calliefornia: What makeup is acceptable to wear to school?
I am 14 years old, and have never worn makeup to school other than special occasions. I was old that I need to take more pride in my appearance, so I should wear make up. I have long dark brown hair, light blue eyes and a heart shaped face, if any of it matters. ( I’ve only worn makeup in football band shows, I preform in them by spinning flags)any advice would help, no hate please…

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Answer by GG
In moderation, yes.

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  • I know you mentioned that you’ve worn makeup before, but there’s a difference between wearing makeup on special occasions and wearing makeup everyday to school. Here’s a school routine:
    1.) apply eyeliner on waterline (nude or white). This will help help make your eyels look bigger!
    2.) put on mascara
    3.) gently put on a peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks
    4.) lip balm! Tinted or not, your choice!
    Special occasions:
    1.) if you have acne apply a powder foundation lightly!
    2.) put on a light brown eyeshadow on crease. You may do a brown smokey eye if needed
    3.) apply a thin line of brown eyeliner on top
    4.) apply white eyeliner on waterline
    5.) put on mascara
    6.) apply light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks
    7.) apply lip balm on lips
    That’s it! Remember to wash your hands and wash and moisturize face before applying makeup! Good luck!

  • Apply light makeup so you dont go to school like a slut or cakeface.
    • Concealer/bb cream/ tinted moisturiser- to cover up any redness, belimishes, eye bags.
    • Mascara- to open up your eyes more
    • Light eyeshadow- to give your eyes a bit more colour
    • Eye liner- try brown so its not as dark as black
    • Lipgloss- just to add colour to your lips

  • I think you should start with the basics , put mascara (it will make your eye lashes look fuller and longer) put a tinted lip stain (one that matches your lip color ) and clear lip gloss ,and some press powder to even out your skin tone (but if you have Nice skin skip the press powder) :)


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