Who decided that men should have only short hair and women should have long hair?

Who decided that men should have only short hair and women should have long hair?

Question by jamie27750: Who decided that men should have only short hair and women should have long hair?
Also, who determines how long is too long for men? If women are supposed to have long hair, then why do some of them have shorter hair than most guys have? It would seem that if women wear their hair really short, then men would have to go bald to stay within the long hair/short hair parameters.

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Answer by Megan S
You do. lol.
no im jk It’s just the way society is. If every woman cut their hair && every man grew theirs out then the next generation would think it’s normal && anybody that cut theirs would be an out cast.
you know what im sayin?

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  • i guess this is a serious question so i have to give you a serious answer.

    i guess this is a rule that goes back to ancient times on the basis of utility. it interfered with a male’s role in society to have long hair- it was no practical. what if you’re a soldier, and you’re on the battlefield, and right when you’re about to kill someone your hair gets in your face and you can’t see anything, and during these couple seconds of your hair blinding you, you get stabbed? just because of the hair? and how are you supposed to hunt with the hair getting in your face? those were all male roles and hair got in the way. for females on the other hand, long hair didn’t really make a difference and i guess it was easier to just grow it then cut it all the time, and eventually those things are what became considered as ‘beautiful’ or a ‘norm.’ it’s not about males having shorter hair then females, it’s about males having short hair so that it doesn’t get in the way.

  • it’s just a stupid standard society has placed on us. if a girl has really short hair people will call her a lesbian and if a guy has long hair he’s lower class. do whatever you want with your hair. it’s yours and no one can telle you what to do with it.



  • well no one actually said it but back when like my great grandma was a child it was considered rude otherwise but now times are changing so men and women wear their hair all kinds of different ways so it doesn’t madder… at least not to me

  • Just society that’s all. It’s that people let society influence their decisions wayyyyy to much. Just like short hair on women. Alot of women are convinced to cut their hair short once they get a certain age etc. How pathetic when the true reason is envy alot of the time. I am a stylist who specializes in long hair and no for a fact long hair can be worn by just about anyone and age isn’t much of a factor. In fact, alot of the women I see are over the age of 30 and look as hot and younger than they did in their 20’s due to having long hair now. So back to your question just do what suits you and you.

  • Believe it or not, there is an actual answer to your first question. Up until the industrial revolution, both men and women had very long hair. Look at pictures of men up until the late 19th century. I’m guessing it had something to do with the machinery catching long hair.

    Personally, I don’t mind short hair on women, even very short hair. Infact, on the right woman, I quite like it (for example, the short hairstyle on Kira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine looked sexy). However, a shaved head just doesn’t look good on a woman IMO. There’s a limit to everything.


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