What is the best mascara to make your lashes look fabulous?

Question by : What is the best mascara to make your lashes look fabulous?
I have tried so many mascaras – each thinking the better than the other – but always end up disappointed. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated – as I am sick of spending money on not so good products. XX
Thank you girlies!! I am inspired by your answers and am now on a quest for gorgeous lashes! XXXX

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YSL and Dior Iconic

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  • definitely maybelline. i’ve tried lots but my lashes aren’t the type to tame easily and stay put. lol. but when i tried maybelline they stayed that way until i washed it off. plus they looked longer too. :)

    but if u want ur lashes that look thicker, try loreal.

  • you should definitely try L’Oreal telescopic mascara.. it is by far my most favorite ever.

    that or the new maybelline pulse perfection.

    i have both but i tend to go for the L’Oreal over the other.

    L’Oreal telescopic or the voluminous has never disappointed me.

  • Keep smiling :)

    The best mascara ever is MaxFactor waterproof false lash effect., It looks fabulous and really does give the appearance of false lashes, and it doesn’t smudge!! It stays on all day (and all night if you don’t wash it off with waterproof makeup remover.)
    Give it a try, you wont be dissapointed!!

  • I’ve found the key to getting beautiful fake-looking lashes is to use 2 mascaras – a volumising AND a lengthening one on top. My routine would be:
    – curl lashes
    – 2 coats of Covergirl Lash Blast
    – use Maybelline Lash Stiletto repeatedly and lightly on the tips of my lashes,
    this REALLY lengthens my lashes! I don’t know how it works but it’s a miracle, I swear. Before my lashes barely struggled to reach over my double eyelids and were virtually hidden when I applied my black eyeliner. Now they’re clearly visible from front view even if I have thick black eyeliner on!
    – then I use a lash comb to fix up any clumps.

  • propertytaxinflorida.com

    My reliable favorite is Cover Girl Lash Exact. But I recently started a blog to rate mascaras as I try them, and I have a few reviews up already.

  • Cg lashblast, for the natural kind of dramatic lashes
    Rimmel London- sexy curves for volume and curl, and then use their lash flirt for length that is the best dramatic look u can get without falsies

  • Read the link below. It has the most popular brands listed ( by price) and even some tips on how to apply your mascara!


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