Can someone lead me in the right direction?

Can someone lead me in the right direction?

Question by (:Mrs. N. & mommy2b:): Can someone lead me in the right direction?
I have very curly and very long hair. Is their a website that can show me how to style my hair in a different way? Ive seen a couple but mostly people with straight hair and my hair is far from straight. I want new easy sexy hairstyles rather then the typical hair styles. Any ideas or tips for new hairstyles with my kind of hair?
Dont get me wrong I love my curly long hair. I just want to try something new instead of a pony tail or loose.

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Answer by mystacall
yes buy a nano babylis flat iron and “Flat out” from sally’s and use them….your hair will stay straight till you wash it.

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  • Wash your hair, brush it out and shake it out hard while it’s still very wet. It’ll make you dizzy the first few times but it will seperate the strands and let them take on their own shape, then jell it or just put a serum to keep it soft and moisturized and enjoy. I’ve had curls for a long time and that works best when I want to wear curls, you can actually change it based on how hard you shake it out too. Another thing that looks good with curls is a shag haircut, I don’t have one anymore since I wear ponytails a lot but a shag just comes out of the shower looking like you planned it, I wore it in college. Very easy. I don’t know any websites though.


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