Intelligence: Reddit Calls Out Suit Supply for ‘Sleazy’ Advertising

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SuitSupply launched an AMA on the sub-Reddit MALEFASHIONADVICE and it quickly devolved into a nasty and weird argument for and against the company’s sexually-charged advertising (to be fair, most arguments on Reddit are nasty and weird). The question that tipped off the tirade was, “Is there a plan to stray from the current oversexed marketing scheme? I’ve got to be completely honest and say that as good as your products may be I refuse to purchase from a company that decides to use ad campaigns like this” with links to these one, two and three (NSFW) campaigns. You’ll notice the ads offered on the site do smack you square in the jaw with the glorification of male hetero-sexuality. Chris, the stylist and sales associate responsible for answering question about the brand, never got to answering it. The comments, however, kept rolling in. Like this one:

Exactly my current image of this brand. SuitSupply needs to fire their sleazy-ass current PR firm; hire a new one; decide on a target audience and focus-group the hell out of a new campaign that doesn’t offend the vast majority of the population.

And then the pro:

Also, it’s silly to think that just because it may offend a “vast majority of the population” that it’s automatically a negative.
All they care about is what their market thinks about it and, given that they’ve used this tone for their ad campaign for a while now and they continue to expand, they probably think it’s helping them.

And we’re back to con:

like tom ford but without any of what makes tom ford cool or desirable. gross


Wow. More like douchebagsupply.

Take a look at the full AMA here.
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