How can I be a sexy and hot guy in my school uniform?

How can I be a sexy and hot guy in my school uniform?

Question by Anonymous-MD: How can I be a sexy and hot guy in my school uniform?
I want to look sexy and hot in my uniform. I need some tips and suggestions though. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated.
The uniform is a blue v-necked shirt ( not sure if thats what its called ), gray pants, grey socks with black shoes, blue tie, hair has to be above the collar and not past the eyes, a black belt, gray blazer. We can’t have sidebangs past the middle of the ears. My hair is kind of brown and black.


I am 13 years old and male by the way.

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Answer by ♥⇒Diiffrent from the rest⇐♥
yow have to have swagg!(style!). .If you dont then you need major help!

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6 Comments on “How can I be a sexy and hot guy in my school uniform?

  • ● u R my Oxygen ●

    13 yo sexy guy?
    It won’t work… 13 year old’s can’t be sexy, If u get older u need to do sports and get a hot six pack then wear a rlly tight shirt..that’s sexy
    u have to be good looking 2…
    Umm… well, y cant u just be a cute little 13 year old boy in school uniform?

  • go for a sligtly bad boy look but dont over-do it.. u know, messed up collar and tie lose shirt that sort of thing.. have fun bro lolz

  • …just how boring is this school?

    We are allowed to have our hair the way we like it 😛

    Okaii, here we go…

    The Shirt – Leave the top button (or top 2 buttons) undone.

    The Pants – Try getting pants with pinstripes. They don’t work all the time, but they can make your legs look longer and make you look thinner. Just a quick search on Google brings up tonnes of results for grey pinstripe trousers.

    The Socks – It depends how well enforced this rule is. If, like our school, it is hardly enforced at all, wear bright coloured socks, with the brightest patterns you can find.

    The Shoes – Get black pumps. Pumps are SOO in right now! Make sure they have a good designer name.

    The Tie – Make sure it isn’t all the way up. It should be just below the second button from the top on the shirt. Also, make sure the knot is quite large, you can do this by just making the knot very loose and by not pulling on the tail.

    The Hair – Gel it up in crazy directions, or gel the front to one side and the top up, or just do as you please basically, just don’t leave it natural because that does not look cool. Also, if it’s allowed, get some colour in it! Hair looks so much better if it has some different tones in it.

    The Belt – Get one of those cool cartoon style belts. If you are not allowed coloured ones, then get a really nice designer one, from Gucchi or Diesel or some other nice designer. Also, if it’s allowed, make sure it has a really big buckle with a cool design on it.

    The Blazer – push the sleeves up past your elbows in a way that will make them stay up. But DO NOT roll them up, just push them up over your elbow and put it in a position where it will stay there.

    Hope this helps, if you need anything just e-mail me :)

  • okay well im a 13 year old girl and my school has a uniform too,
    i think it looks really cool when you have the top 2 buttons of the shirt undone and the tie on loose, if u know what i mean? and with the blazer, push the sleeves up past your elbow (like what someother guy said) and dont do the buttons up. nd tucking in one side of ur shirt says ‘rebel’ hahah.

    i saw a guy at my school wearing his uniform like this and it looked hott 😛 lol


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