Crimes of Fashion: Coach Exec Forced to Return Info She Stole From Louis Vuitton

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When you’re a high-paid executive privy to trade secrets and sensitive info, you can’t just load all that data onto a few flash drives and abscond with it when you quit. Especially if you’re jumping straight to a competitor. So goes the case of one former Louis Vuitton exec, Joon Ma, who reportedly packed her luggage full of confidential intel right before taking a job a Coach, resulting in a lawsuit by Louis Vuitton.

The Fashion Law has been closely tracking the Louis Vuitton lawsuit, describing the allegations as follows: “LVNA claims Ma copied files from her work laptop onto two external hard drives and three USB drives, then deleted a series of files and emails to hide her tracks, all within the last 24 hours of her employment with the company.”

Today, Louis Vuitton has scored its first win in the case. As The Fashion Law details, the judge, “has ordered Ma to return all information about Louis Vuitton’s operations that she lifted from the company and has also ordered that Ma be held to the terms of her noncompete agreement with LVNA, which bars her working for a competitor of the luxury design house in the U.S. for a period of six months.”
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