What are good inexpensive nail polishes?

Question by Bianca: What are good inexpensive nail polishes?
I’ve recently been doing my own nails. I live on youtube, so i’m always looking for new designs that I can do. My issue is that when I do my nails, the next day I have to redo them. What nail polishes are the best, but are inexpensive. Thanks In Advance.

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Answer by Sam
well, OPI brand nail polish are great quality at a reasonable price. some braches off the company can be more expensive but mostly well priced! HAVE FUN!

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  • I’ve found that with nail polishes, you never really know how well they’ll work, & price isn’t always a guarantee. Like for example, I don’t really like Orly nailpolishes, & Revlon (I don’t like ANY of their polishes,they chip the fastest) makes one that’s twice as much as their regular nailpolishes,but it chipped super fast. And then with the cheaper ones, you never really know-like with Wet n Wild, their regular 0.99 cent ones chip fast, yet they make a 1.99 one that lasts awhile. So it can be a crap shoot. But there’s a few in general that I really like that are very inexpensive. Sinful Colors is good, it stays on pretty good, & is usually around $ 2 or $ 3. And Sally Hansen X-treme Colors I think they’re called (the ones in like a more cylinder shaped bottle) stay on well,& they’re about $ 3 or so. And Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is good too,& also around $ 3. I also like Milani, which is a little more,like $ 4.50. There are two really off brands I love that you may not be able to find-Confetti, and then there’s one called Ruby Kisses. Ruby Kisses is some of the most long lasting nail polish I’ve ever used,& it’s $ 1. And I’ve used Confetti’s clear as a top coat,& I swear, it makes any nail polish last longer & it’s $ 2. I know it’s alot I’ve mentioned, but different stores carry different stuff, & also everyone keeps mentioning Essie, which I love too, but Essie is $ 8. I don’t consider that very inexpensive.

  • I just got done painting my nails with Sally Hanson Xtreme wear in the color “Flirt” ^__^ It’s such a dark purple that it’s almost black which I love&it’s super shiny :) Don’t forget your top coat!


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