Mindblowing: This is the Most Expensive Gift Michelle Obama Received in 2013

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The queen of Brunei’s gift to Michelle Obama in 2013 tops the list as the most expensive gift received by the Obama administration, according to the AP. The queen’s gift of flower-shaped white gold earrings, ring and necklace with diamonds and yellow sapphires is valued at $ 71,468.

But it’s not like the First Lady is stashing the earrings, ring, and necklace in her jewelry cabinet. According to the AP, federal ethics rules require all gifts to be turned over to the government for official use and storage. MObama could buy the gift back: If a president or first lady really likes something, they can choose to buy it from the General Services Administration, although not many do so. Hillary Clinton and Teresa Heinz Kerry both purchased jewelry they received from leaders of state, and they each spent less than $ 1,000 to buy back their gifts.
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