Q&A: How do I keep my mascara from rubbing off underneath my eyes throughout the day?

Question by ajgirl131: How do I keep my mascara from rubbing off underneath my eyes throughout the day?
I want my mascara to stay on my lashes! How do I do that? Is there something I can put on my lashes before/after applying my mascara? Or am I just using crappy mascaras?

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Answer by peaches6
You need to start using waterproof mascara. Good Luck!

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  • Ur probably using crappy mascara. Try something thats expensive or waterproof. If you already are, try not to clump on mascara because it will dry very slowly. Also, try not to rub it.

  • cowgirl4christ@rocketmail.com

    ok first, do not use mascara on your bottom lashes!!!! this makes raccoon eyes look worse. i have actual dark circles under my eyes. i use my power under my eyes/on top of dark circles and then i put on a nice soft kohl eyeliner and mascara on ONLY MY TOP LASHES. if i know i am going to sweat i use a waterproof or tube mascara. you should try to apply these tips to your daily routine and also, try to not blink a lot until your mascara dries. hope this helps! <3 ya! :)

  • You are probably using crappy mascara. I to have the same problem. I could suggest waterproof but that makes my eyes burn. I don’t know about you but I think I need hypoallergenic. If you are not allergic then try it. I don’t really know of another way but waterproof. you may be able to use the mascara’s that have a lenthener with it. Put it on under the mascara it’s self. It may have a quality that allows the mascara last longer. Or call a department store, the counter help may be able to recommend a mascara that will last. If you call a salon, they may want you to come into the salon and pay for the service of telling you what to use. I would call the department store. Kohl’s or Macy’s would be a good place to start. At least if you call them you won’t wast your time and money going up there for nothing.

  • My mascaras would always run off too, but one day it just kinda stopped. ONLY because I started using “Too faced shadow insurance” It’s a eye shadow primer used to prevent creasing and to absorb the oil on your lids. The oil on your lids are the reasons for the raccoon eyes! At least for me that was the reason why. Anyways, TFSI is like my holy grail!!! It kept my shadows bright, vibrant, creaseless, and smudge proof. It also helped my mascara stay in place throughout the day because the oil did not get on the lashes.

  • you’re using crappy mascara.
    you could try keeping a little extra powder under you eyes, especially during application. it provides a barrier and makes it easier to clean away any little mistakes.


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