Q&A: What hairstyles go good with really long faces?

Question by i love youu: What hairstyles go good with really long faces?
I have an oval shaped face and it’s very long. What hairstyles make it look smaller?

I have my haircut to my shoulders and usually where it straight or in a ponytail. And it still looks long.

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Answer by B.Lieve
if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out these tutorials. they are awesome. ;D


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  • If it’s straight, and shoulder length, it will make it look longer. You need a “modified Bob,” or something fuller on sides to take away from the length. One length is not for you. add some layers and dimension. :0)

  • Okay..For the really awesome looking and pretty hairstyles that you see around now, use either plastic or Velcro rollers. Also, its better for your hair, the style lasts longer and you can style it in different ways. This yahoo group has tons of pictures of the latest hairstyles. It takes a little patience because there are so many pictures to view. It might be of help. The link to click on is below.



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