PM Clickage: Gywneth Paltrow’s Vespa Look; Travolta’s Askew Soul Patch

JohnTravolta_2014_5.jpgPhoto via Getty.

· Making a case for men’s jorts [Esquire]
· Gisele named the new face of Chanel No. 5 [Telegraph]
· NYC salon invents a facial for your butt [Daily Mail]
· John Travolta’s soul patch is off-center [Beauty Counter]
· Gywneth Paltrow wears huge heels on her Vespa [Mirror]
· Decoding that sexy Game of Thrones dress [LA Review of Books]
· How Pinterest is poised to beat Twitter and Facebook [Intelligencer]
· Founders of Guess jeans to open private LA art museum [Racked LA]
· Thumbing through the new Jane and Serge Gainsbourg book [Garance Dore]

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