Q&A: What makeup does a teen with brown hair and hazel eyes use?

Q&A: What makeup does a teen with brown hair and hazel eyes use?

Question by Loserface: What makeup does a teen with brown hair and hazel eyes use?
I need makeup ideas for school, dates, and regular time. I need to be able to look my best for the begining of high school and Ive never worn makeup to school before. Ive tried putting on eye liner, but I have no clue wear to apply it.

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Answer by El Diablo
post a pic then i will let ya know exactly what you need to do. :)

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  • need to know your tones:

    olive= earthy shadows
    fair= light pinks,blues,natural colors,golds

    bright lips= soft glosses with little color or none
    soft regular non bright lips= glossy, brights, mediums

    it depends on your skin tone do it a lil bit brighter and pinker but not much

    practice and look at it in the mirror while you are doing it also you can go to a store like nordstroms and have some free makeovers always have a clean face wash it. foundation goes first. you apply the darker color eyeshadow on the crease of your eye the lighter goes underneath it and up by your brow and the medium if u have one goes somewhere close to the brow or on the actual lid. this will take some practice you will also want brown or black or gray eyeliner, and brown or black mascara hope i helped!!!

  • Apply eyeliner on your eyelid but as close to your lashes as you can get and under your eyes. There are three colors of eyeshadow hazel-eyed women should wear. These colors are purple, pink and green.

  • well.for a beginner if you want to make a lasting impression by being defined in your make-up try almay intense eye color,but if you just want to be subtle try other cosmetics but never use cover girl on your face it is terrible for your skin.But seriously almay is hypo-alergenic,oil free,and alergy tested.it is completely safe for skin.i was once in the dark aboout eyeliner too….the key is pulling out your eyelid while it is parcially closed and slowly going draw,pause,draw,pause.it just takes some time to get used to and to get used to.but if you aren’t ready to keep messing start with pencil liners liquid liners are incredbly hard to use.i’m still struggling with liquid eyeliner and i’ve been wearing makeup for maybe around 3 or 4 years.so just try to play up your features…like hazel eyes are the focal point of a face so put most of the emphisis on those hazel eyes.if you have any questions email me!

  • go to like a macys if you have one near you, or somewhere where people can do your makeup & you can buy what they used. thats what i did. & they showed me how to use it

  • OK so 4 eyeshadow, apply pink on the lid, dark brown on the space between the lid and brow bone, and on the brow bone apply a light beige. MAKE SURE U BLEND IT!!! cuz u dont want lines!!! If u have hazel green eyes use green shadow to make the green stnd out. 4 eyeliner, apply dark brown all the way across the upper lid with a 1 cm line, and on the bottom lid only apply a tiny line from the corner to the beginning of ur pupils. Wear tinted pink lip gloss, and mayb some concealer if u need it. NO BLUSH OR LIPSTICK!!! U dont need it at ur age cuz its 4 old ladies. Apply black mascara to upper and bottom lashes. Now u r gorgeous ; D


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