Pretty hairstyles for a 14 year old girl?

Pretty hairstyles for a 14 year old girl?

Question by Moose Tracks ♥ ♥: Pretty hairstyles for a 14 year old girl?
I am looking for some pretty hairstyles to do in the morning before school. I am looking for simple ones.
Pic/ how to do it would be helpfull.

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  • Try a messy bun , do your hair just like a regular bun and mess around with it . before you put it up put from mousse in it . Sometimes the simplest things look the cutest.

    Have some hair accessories to match with your outfit and then you hair will follow.

    Put it in a bun or wear cute hats to show more face

    Put it in cute curls

    Elastic bands
    Hair Slides
    Hair spray (optional)
    Stuff to add flair
    Bobby pins
    Baby Powder
    Hair Brush/ Comb

    Bumpy ponytail
    Part your hair down the middle.
    Put your hair behind your ears.
    Grasp it with your hand, and gently bring up to the middle of your head.
    Secure with elastic.
    Fasten big bumps with bobby pins (preferably bobby pins the same color of your hair)Make sure it looks cute before you go out

    Start with your hair parted it’s usual way
    Take a section of your hair in the front where your hair line is (it needs to be thick but not to thick)
    Start to twist it around about 3 times, while bringing it back
    Push bairly to the front so that it makes a bump about an inch or 2 high
    Secure with a clip to the top of your head
    Use a curling iron to make your hair bouncy and fun!

    Side Clip
    Use a curling iron to make your hair bouncy and fun!
    Part your hair about an inch or 2 from the middle
    On the smaller side of the part, gather a small section of hair and pull it back across the side of your head
    Secure with a pretty sparkly clip!

    Messy Bun
    Start by washing your hair.
    Then Brush your hair back, leaving you without a part.
    Apply baby powder where needed..try not to apply too much.
    Take small sections of hair and “scrunch” ,with gel, sections up to desired height of bun.
    Secure with a hair tie and add some mouse.
    Make the bun look loose with hair spray and gel.
    Tousle with fingers to make more of a messy look.

    Side ponytail
    1.make a low ponytail on the side of your head it doesent matter if its on the right or left.
    2.Secure with rubberband
    3.And there you go theres your cute side ponytail!

    High and low ponytails
    To make a high ponytail, you first need to make sure your hair is smooth and brushed. Brush your hair back so there isn’t a part and then brush all your hair toward the point on your head which you want it to be. Make sure it looks smooth and neat, then secure it with an elastic.
    To make a low ponytail, grasp your hair next to the back of your neck and secure with an elastic.
    Add stretchy headbands to both ponytails to add a sporty yet preppy look.
    Braiding the hair of your low ponytail will give it a romantic feel.
    Crimp or straighten the pony tail. And you’re done!

    To make a Pollyanna or an Up-Down Pony, first you brush all hair back(no crease seen).
    Then you take half of your hair and put into a high or low pony(your choice).
    You then leave the rest of your hair down. People will love it!

    Hair in clip
    First if you have bangs(you don’t even have to have bangs) grab a small handful of your hair.
    Then you make a little triangle and then you clip it on the skinny part of the triangle and leave the rest down.
    Make sure that you don’t let the hair out of the clip so hairspray it if you would like.
    Then brush the hair that is down and you can curl it, do whatever you would like to do with it

    Upside Down Ponytail
    Make a low ponytail and then secure it with an elastic. Then pull it looser a bit enough to poke your fingers in the hair between the elastic and your head. Flip the ponytail through the hole and then tighten the elastic again.Then flip your head down

    Cute Plaits (with quiff or side or full fringes!)
    Secure the hair into 2 bunches
    Plait the hair and secure it with an elastic bobble.
    Gather the excess hair, twist it and pull it forward to make a quiff.
    It works better if you get a partner to help you


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