Natural DIY beauty treatment recipes or tips ?

Question by 【☆Dani☆】: Natural DIY beauty treatment recipes or tips ?
I’m really interested in making my own beauty treatments because I’m only 15, have no money, and don’t want to burn a hole in my mom’s wallet buying cosmetics with most of the ingredients I can’t even pronounce.. I really like Michelle Phan’s videos such as carrot scrub and ice facial etc.. Plus it sounds like so much fun to make them! It’s like making food for your skin. 😀

do you know any DIY beauty tips? that would be great! thanks ~

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Answer by Aytan
My beauty tips/secrets for you:

– drink as much water as you can
– apply cocoa lotion all over your body every night, before going to sleep (it will help you erase your scars, fade stretch lines or avoid them. also, keeps your skin smooth and it smells good)
– dont wash your hair everyday, and avoid the use of irons to straight it
– foot lotion, and apply it every night
– face lotions and soap (buy the one appropriate for your type of skin)
– have an 45 mins jog/walk every day… it makes you feel fit, it helps your system

too much process, i know but in the end of the day, you will feel beautiful.

Plus here are some homemade facial masks for you!
* Best Toner Facial Mask
Ingredients: Egg White 1; Strawberry fruits 1; Starch 1 Tablespoon and Rose water sufficient quantity.

Method : – Mix all the ingredients in the blender and apply on the face
– Another way is to boil the starch and water until it makes a paste and then add the other constituents
– Wash your face with luke water. If you adjusted the consistency, you peel the mask with your hands as a mask of your face shape

* Face Mask to Refresh the Skin
Ingredients : Apple 1/4; Peach 1/2; Tomato 1/2; Milk 1/4 Cup; Almond Oil 1 Tablespoon.

Method : – Peel all the fruits and mash them
– Add the milk and oil to the mashed fruits and use moderate heat with stirring, untill the mixture acquires the consistency of of a cream
– Leave to cool
– Apply a thick layer to the skin and leave for 30 minutes

You can find more, just search in google about masks,

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  • I also watched Michelle Phan!
    But I know someone who is fun, straight to the point, beauty guru, make up guru, teenager-like, beautiful, cool, guru called bubzbeauty.

    Her channel :
    Anyway, here is my answer:


    Regenerate skin cell renewal
    Retain skin’s elasticity
    Tighten and brighten the skin
    Ease redness
    and so much more…

    Beauty benefits
    Do you know that oatmeal is an incredible cleanser for the skin? It has the ability to relieve itchiness, redness, dryness and minor irritations. It absorbs and removes dirt & impurities whilst exfoliating the skin gently without all the harmful chemicals (found in a lot of our skincare products). It also helps the skin to fight against free radicals because it’s so abundant in anti-oxidants. Result? Smoother, clearer and brighter skin without the $ $ $ .

    What you’ll need
    All you need is oatmeal. That’s it! It doesn’t matter what brand it is, as long as it is oatmeal. Plain, instant or quick cooking oatmeal? Doesn’t matter because either works great. Simplicity is awesome isn’t it?

    How to cleanse your face with oatmeal
    I take a palm full of oatmeal and I clench my fingers together into a fist. I then run my fist in lukewarm water for about 10 seconds and the water should seep through the gaps in my fingers and soak up the oatmeal. I then open up my fist and drip several drops of water into the oatmeal so it comes saturated and soft. I would then spend about 1 minute massaging the oatmeal on my face. Just a little note, it can be messy so make sure you lean over the sink so the excess oatmeal will fall into the sink and not into your clothes. I rinse the oatmeal off using lukewarm water and pat my face dry.

    Skin benefits
    Whilst rinsing the face, I can already feel my skin feeling silkier. My face looked glowy, radiant and smooth. I can’t actually explain how much I love this remedy so hopefully you guys can see the results yourself through pictures. Both oatmeal AND yogurt has saved my skin many times. Unlike a lot of cleansers, this won’t dry out your face or irritate your skin. It works wonders! My skin has thanked me visually.


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