What makeup is best for someone who never wears makeup?

What makeup is best for someone who never wears makeup?

Question by Jessica: What makeup is best for someone who never wears makeup?
I never wear makeup but would like to dress up a little for an upcoming wedding. I am also pretty unfamiliar with makeup so if you have any tips I would love to hear them.

I have light brown hair, brown/hazel eyes, brown eyebrows and light skin. Thank you!

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Answer by Regina Phalange…
probabley just keep it simple with some powder which is easy to apply, and some mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and give you dreamy eyes, a tip for mascara is only to apply it to your top eyelahes

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  • i recommend bare minerals it is really smooth on your skin and help flights blemishes i am 13 and only started wearing a little bit of make up last week its power and you can sleep in it (although i remove before bedtime) and it makes your skin look airbrushed and the brushes are natural:) all of the make up is natural which makes it so good for your skin if you want to know more you should defiantly try the website:


  • Hello giirly,
    you should go watch Michelle Phan on youtube.
    she has great types for beginners, and you will for sure learn lots !
    good luck, and you will look fabulous at the wedding (: !

  • If its just for once, I would suggest to get it down at a beauty salon or cosmetic counters like MAC instead of spending all the money on something which you may not use anymore.

    But if you really would like to try starting to use some, here are few simple basic items which you can look out for.
    Tinted makeup primer / tinted moisturizer – go for tinted makeup primer if you have normal moisturizer already. This will smooth your skin, natural but good coverage and even your skin tone.
    You can check out Smashbox, Benefit, NARS, MAC or Makeup Forever for tinted primer.

    Mascara – Brown or black depending on how obvious you want the lashes to be. Go for lengthening if you want to open up your eyes or volumizer if you want the lashes to appear thicker. Go for non-waterproof if you want easy wash out and waterproof if you want the curl to last longer.
    Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen, Christian Dior Diorshow, Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express, Lancome Definicils, Chanel Inimitable & Clarins Wonder Volume are few which I like.

    Blusher – to get rosier cheeks for radiant and healthier look.
    Benefit Benetint, NARS The Multiple, Smashbox O-Glow are the ones I preferred.

    Lip gloss – juicy and kissable lips.
    Benefit Benetint can be used as lip gloss too, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s, Revlon depending on the color you like.

    Try out the colors that is most suitable for your skin / lips / eyes and the dress you will be wearing. I will not reccommend eyeshadow for beginner on special event unless you have time to practise. Don’t forget to get makeup remover and eye makeup remover to get all colors off your skin at the end of the day.

  • GO natural looking:

    use a moisturizer on your face…that helps with even-ness of your skin; you could use a tinted moisturizer too

    EYES: light tan or gold on your eyes from lashline to browline, a darker shade of brown or tan from lashline to crease of eye and blend outward a little, 2 coats of mascara on top and bottom lashes.

    CHEEKS: I use a peachy shade of lipgloss and dot both apples of my cheeks, if you don’t know what apples are….look in mirror and smile really big…they will stick out under your eyes. Blend to make rosy appearance.

    LIPS: use the same peachy lipgloss

    Make sure to wear some sort of dangly earrings and a necklace, it will dress you up in a hurry.

  • to make it simple, cuz at weddings, you wanna look flawless, and gorgeous. so i say,
    black mascara,
    winged eyeliner (look up on youtube how to do)(optional)
    very little blush
    Lipgloss, pinkish


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