Intelligence: The Feminist Thinking Behind Bonobos

2014-06-andy-dunn.jpgAndy Dunn. Image via Businessweek

Andy Dunn, Bonobos’ founder and CEO, had some choice words on gender equality in leadership at Southland’s tech conference this week. For one, he believes that feminists talking about women in leadership isn’t enough. It’s the men that need to start showing their support. “But I don’t ever hear anyone talk about this,” said Dunn. “Except for feminists. I never hear men talk about it. So I guess what I believe that no one else believes is that men should be talking about this.”

For Dunn, the future of gender equality in the workplace lies in a system where the leadership is split 50/50 between men and women. After all, according to him a matriarchal world is a safer world for everybody. Pando reported that Dunn argued for women in leadership positions because men behave better that way, and countries are safer when women are in charge.
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