Lauren Conrad Skillfully Illustrates the Creepiness of Too Much Filter

Lauren Conrad is something of a lifestyle artist, adept at assembling florals (like these!) and imparting important advice. And so it was that she was the perfect person to address the sensitive subject of Instagram filters—specifically how to shade ones life so perfectly that it approaches fantasy.

See, in Lauren’s world there are some (very rare) moments that require little to no filter (here’s one of those). But for the most part, everything the light touches should have some sort of haze applied to make it feel more romantic, whimsical, and authentically California. But what happens when you go overboard with the filter? Here Lauren illustrates what happens.

Happy All Hallows’ Eve

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AHHHH! Creepy! Lauren is that you? In short, yes it is Lauren. And to more fully answer your question of what happens when you really get aggressive with your ‘gram filter she added this photo with the most telling caption ever: emoji ghost.

A photo posted by Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad) on

So basically, too much filter is really creepy and will ultimately lead to the demise of its user.

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