What’s the best mascaras for volume and length?

Question by Josefin K: What’s the best mascaras for volume and length?
I am going to buy two new mascaras >_< one for volume and one for length but I need some suggestions because I never seem to find the right ones. Only suggest me things from Max Factor, L'Oreal and Maybelline, plz! These are the easiest to find in Sweden. Waw how could this go into the hair category O_o sorry guys. Best answer:

Answer by Mangala
I guess Maybelline. My friends recommend it.

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  • I use cover girl lash blast it gives a lot of volume, and lenght i love it! I have it in waterproof and it never disappoints.

  • the best one i have found is loreal -voluminous mascara, especially after you use it for a little while, it seems to thicken somewhat, and works great. i have tried more expensive ones like dior, and loreal is much better. i wanted to try the lash stiletto by maybelline i think, it seemed to look good on tv, but most of them do.


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