Is it easy to create nail art by my own?

Question by Brer Fox: Is it easy to create nail art by my own?
I am not experienced in drawing but I really wish to learn nail art. If there are some easy to start lessons for newcomers like me? Suggest any web sites.

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Answer by anashagrace
its easy for me u use a tooth pick to get into fine detail but it depends if ur cordinated or not.

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  • Hi, I think this page is the one you need. Here are really usefull lessons step by step, and many photos. I looked through many sites, but this is one which really offers such lessons.

  • The secret, if you’re starting out, is to first paint the nail THEN apply it to your natural nail.

    If you’re planning to paint on your natural nails, there are nail polishes out that have super-fine brushes that make painting a lot easier–you can usually find them in beauty supply stores.

    Other than that it’s really about practicing and getting better at it. My advice to you would be to google pictures of nail art you like and emulate them until you have them down perfectly.


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