How much do you spend per makeup haul?

How much do you spend per makeup haul?

Question by αrιαnnα 😀: How much do you spend per makeup haul?
I’ve seen a lot of YouTube girls hauling makeup lately that have spent what seems like over $ 100 on one trip! So, how much do you spend for each “haul” that you do?

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Answer by TEAM EDWARD!
probably like less than 20$ . i only get drugstore stuff though, i dont think high end is neccessary when you can get just as good products for way less.

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  • That depends on if I’m buying drugstore products or high end things. If I’m getting drugstore things usually i spend somewhere between $ 20-40.

    If I’m buying high end things I usually spend around $ 80-90, but I don’t buy high end things very often.
    Yeah, I’m guilty of spending too much money on makeup… Haha. I’m kind of a makeup junkie… :)

  • Yeah, I’ve sene that too, and I always think to myself how crazy they are. Keep in mind that a lot of companies give them free stuff for endorsing their products. Honestly, if you have money to waste (as with anything in life) then go for it, but I buy most makeup at the drugstore and it works just fine. The only thing I would get from a makeup-store is Eye Primer (Urban Decay). But other than that, I’ve found that most products, regardless of price, will still work the same way.It’s not worth spending $ 20 dollars on an eyeliner, when you can get the Revlon Infalllible Eyeliner for $ 7, which works JUST as good.

    Anyways, I probaably spend $ 40, AT MOST. But, I’m a pretty frugal person, so I don’t really like to spend more than $ 20 for anything.


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