Q&A: What is going to in style for the 2013-2014 school year?

Question by !LaiLai!: What is going to in style for the 2013-2014 school year?
Im starting my sophomore year this year and I wanted to know what is going to be in style and whats going out of style. Iv never really paid a whole lot of attention to trends or fashion. I mean I go to the store see something cute and ill buy it but that’s about as far as it goes. Iv never really cared until this whole kind of ” soft-grunge ” edgy style trend happened because I like it. I like the way it comes off and looks because its like a more fashionable take on my wardrobe of band t-shirts and jean shirts. Is it going out of style? Is it still worth buying a the pair of $ 200 combat boots I picked out? And if it is going out of style then whats coming in?

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Answer by Billy
that’s like 2012-2013 but it’s just a trend of something that’s already been there. Grunge is back . But if you already dress like that then just add pieces from the trend you like to your wardrobe. That’s what i do. I dress preppy but through in trends that i like.

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  • I’m about to be a sophy too! :) So my fashion sense is a little bit different from yours, but I know your style well. Here’s some helpful tips. Jeans: depends on body type. Look taller- long flare jeans. May be colored. Look slimmer- dark stretch. Try American Eagle outfitters. Slightly distressed is always good for your looks, but picture your jeans as part of your canvas that you keep unpainted. unless they’re something special, you want to keep them toned down and “normal” essentially unless they are a statement piece. Let’s see.. Graphic tees.. tees with bold words on them are in for soft grunge. Try a loose fit and a scoop-shoulder opening. Okay.. for cooler weather, do a baggy-ish sweater. Some girls overdo it and wear one down to their knees.. no. the whole premise to baggy clothing is the “I stole my boyfriend’s clothes” thing, so just slightly baggy with tight jeggings maybe. Tight and loose go together perfectly, but loose+loose do not, and sometimes tight+tight. Keep that in mind. Shop for a statement shoe, a plain shoe, and in between. A statement shoe could be those combat boots, depending on the style, but you can soooo get them cheaper than $ 200! It’s this beautiful thing called “thrift shopping”. I lovelovelove boots. They’re a must have. Leather is also in. your plain could be a pair of Vans. Go on their website and look under the Lifestyle category. A medium/ in between shoe would be Oxfords.. so comfortable and sooo versatile. Makeup (if you wear it): get out of your comfort zone. try wings or bold eyebrows. Search Pinterest for some awesome ideas and tutorials! You also might want to get next month’s fashion magazines. they’re all about back to school stuff. I hope this is what you were looking for! Sorry for my rambling! xx


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