How to use a bright color eyeshadow for school?

Question by Carly: How to use a bright color eyeshadow for school?
So I recently bought this really pretty eyeshadow from NYX and i think it is called rust? But anyways I was wondering if there is any way I can wear this color to school and make it look natural. I know you can smoke it out with a mat brown eyeshdadow but is there any other way??

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Answer by bananabudy
that color was MADE to stand out, try using it the way the people who made it wanted it to be used, you usually end up with better results that way ^_^

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  • you can use a goldish color on your lid and then use rust in the crease or just on the outer corner. If you smoke it out with a dark brown, it won’t be too natural especially for school. As long as you use a light natural color in the lid and not “rust” it should be natural enough. (:

  • You could line your upper lid with it?

    (You can do this with ANY color. I mainly use a dark brown, but your wanting bright colors so just use rust and line it!

  • What you can do is take a fluffy brush and blend it out. Or you can take a matte light white and put it on top to lighten it up.

  • Metroathletegirl

    Yes! Apply it sparingly, then if it is too dark, dust some translucent powder over it. Depending on the eye shape you have, you should apply it different ways. I always wear a very light tan on my lid, then I wear a rusty pinkish, orange between the crease and my eyebrow. Hope this helped!

  • try using a neutral taupe or rose-gold shade on your lids and then either putting that color into the crease, or taking the lid color into the crease a bit and use the rust color on the outer corners (V shaped). :)


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