Splashlights are the Next Big Hair Trend

Splashlights are the Next Big Hair Trend

Ombre, the highlighting craze where hair fades from dark at the roots to light at the ends, has a new competition: splashlights.
Pioneered by New York-based colorist Aura Friedman, splashlights are a streak of highlights that move horizontally across the hair, creating the illusion that you are standing in a spotlight.
The colorist, who recently used the highlighting technique on Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek, told us that she ‘wanted to create the effect that a laser beam is hitting your hair at a certain spot.’

Forget that ombré color, 2010. The new weird thing everyone is going to be doing to their hair for the next few months, if two trend pieces are to believed, is “splashlights.”

Don’t bother to look it up, splashlights are so new the word isn’t even on Urban Dictionary yet. Splashlights are a new type of haircolor that seems to have been invented by colorist Aura Friedman, who bleached a horizontal band of light blonde hair around her guinea pig’s head. Now she looks less like a guinea pig and more like a sideways skunk.

Temporary Pop Color Hair Spray

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